Bolt into Legend

Sports fans witnessed the unbelievable incident this past weekend. Sprint king Usain Bolt fell down on the track in the final race of his incredible career. Usain on the track for the last time.


Usain on the track for the last time:

Running the anchor for the Jamaican team in the 4*100m relay at the London world championships. Here Usain cramped midway when he was on his way. Well, this superhuman is a human after all and this he proved himself. He can also have injuries in his important competitions. He can also have bad days.

Was this Usain?:

The holder of three world records and eight Olympic gold medals, Bolt is certainly the greatest sprinter this world has ever witnessed. Isn’t it? But now his 31-year-old body finally had to give up. This is what we can say what we saw in the London championships. Here Bolts best performance was a bronze winning sprint in the 100m final.

But one bad day can not make us forget those wonderful days. One day can not undo the Legend. This superhuman undoubtedly inspires us all. He is a living example that clean athletics still has a future. Also, hard work never goes in vain.


No, we will not forget  him:

One day the world will forget his sprawling on the London track. What will remain in their memory and their mind, as well as their heart, is the Superhuman Usain Bolt. The legend Usain Bolt, a Jamaican sprinter, who inspired all of all. An example, which will dare future athletes to run past his legacy.

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